Victory Farms is located in scenic and historic
Church Hill, Maryland. It is owned and operated by
Mike Dow, President of Chesapeake VICTORIES
and is the dream of Elaine Dow, Treasurer of Chesapeake
VICTORIES. It was Elaine’s dream which has
made Chesapeake VICTORIES a reality. When
Mike and Elaine began their own journey to the recovery
of their own vaccine injured child, Joe; it was
always thought that someday that they would establish
an organization which would help other children
make the improvements which Joe was able to make.
Elaine has always loved horses, especially thoroughbreds.
All of the horses at Victory Farms have been
rescued from the racetrack. Dakota and Slicorice
were taken from the vigorous, fast paced training at
the track and given a second chance at a slower more
easy-going pace at the farm. Thoroughbreds are
known for their abilities as being fast and sometimes
unpredictable while being trained but once removed
from the environment of the race track can easily be
trained to be sweet, well-mannered pets. Research has
proven that an association with a horse can be very
therapeutic for neurodevelopmentally challenged
children. Dakota and Slicorice are more than willing
to bond with a child.