Welcome to Chesapeake VICTORIES. We hope to provide you with pathways towards recovery for your vaccine injured child. The two main focuses of Chesapeake VICTORIES are 1) providing biomedical information, education and support from some of the leading researchers in the country and 2) providing therapeutic riding for neurodevelopmentally challenged children combining the two teasures of the state of Maryland…the child with the thoroughbred horse.

1) In this site, we will provide links to the top research to help educate and inform parents. Since many of the families of vaccine injured children have incredible financial difficulties due to the enormous costs associated with special needs diets and testing, it is our desire, wherever and whenever possible, to assist parents by providing funding for medical tests and providing coupons, gift certificates to various health food stores.

2) Victory Farms is located in scenic and historic Church Hill, Maryland. It is owned and operated by Mike Dow, President of Chesapeake VICTORIES and is the dream of Elaine Dow, Treasurer of Chesapeake VICTORIES. It was Elaine’s dream which has made Chesapeake VICTORIES (a 501c3 corporation) a reality. When Mike and Elaine began their own journey to the recovery of their own vaccine injured child, Joe; it was always thought that someday that they would establish an organization which would help other children make the improvements which Joe was able to make. Elaine has always loved horses, especially thoroughbreds. All of the horses at Victory Farms have been rescued from the racetrack. Dakota, Sweetie and Slicorice were taken from the vigorous, fast paced training at the track and given a second chance at a slower more easy-going pace at the farm. Thoroughbreds are known for their abilities as being fast and sometimes unpredictable while being trained but once removed from the environment of the race track can easily be trained to be sweet, well-mannered pets. Research has proven that an association with a horse can be very therapeutic for neurodevelopmentally challenged children. Dakota, Slicorice and especially Sweetie are more than willing to bond with a child.

The Vice-President of Chesapeake Victories is Cyndi Greene.  Cyndi is extremely knowledgeable in various different biomedical treatments and therapies. Cyndi is also one of the co-founders and moderators of MARC (Maryland Autism Recovery Coalition) Marylandautismrecoverycoalition@yahoogroups.com This group of concerned parents assist each other in providing information on services and therapies. We consider our organization fortunate to have the capabilities of these wonderful people.

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