Elaine and I would like to thank everyone for their support over the last ten years. We would especially like to thank Rebecca Pitre, our trainer, for all the dedication and commitment she has given to Chesapeake Victories, our children and our horses. Rebecca was truly a gift from God. We would like to thank Cindy, our Vice-President for her support. We would like to thank all our volunteers which have helped us throughout the years. We would like to thank our donors for their financial support, two of which would not wish to have their names listed but their is a special place in heaven for “C” and “K.” We would especially like to the thank the children and their families which allowed us the opportunity of becoming a part of their lives for such a short period of time. Thank you all.

Please note that our officers, staff, trainer, and volunteers have never accepted any payment for their wonderful service. Thank you.

Elaine and I are not giving up doing whatever we can to help the children in need. This is a large part of our lives. We are simply ending Chesapeake Victories, Inc. as a 501(c)3 organization. Part of our agreement with the government, who was very kind, was that we would not allow Chesapeake Victories to become politically active. Before starting Chesapeake Victories, Elaine and I were extremely active in trying to help our children with our involvement in both state and federal legislation. During the past ten years, Elaine has been able to continue some of her work in this arena with several successes. We both wsih to become more active once again.

We are not giving up trying to help the children. We plan on continuing making therapeutic riding available at no cost to children with neurodevelopmental challenges. We plan on doing what we can to help children’s families who can not afford the financial support children need for their diets whenever financial possible on our end. We plan on continuing to provide educational support to all who wish to become more knowledgeable in biomedical treatments. We simply are no longer going operate as a 501(c)3.

Thank you all once again.

Welcome to Chesapeake Victories!
We hope to provide you with pathways
towards recovery for your vaccine
injured child. The two main focuses
of Chesapeake VICTORIES are
1) providing biomedical information,
education and support from some of
the leading researchers in the country
2) providing therapeutic riding for
neurodevelopmentally challenged
children combining the two treasures
of the state of Maryland…the child
with the thoroughbred horse.